Finance Policy Edit

  • The Federal Reserve will collect memetaxes from any post on the Politically Correct board of 4chan
  • These collected memetaxes will be stored in a special folder on the Finance Minister's computer.
  • On Sunday every week, the memetax folder will be uploaded to a Mega file.
  • Memetaxes will be collected from Parliament threads bi-weekly.
  • Parliament members will receive salaries at the end of each week in the roll call thread, in the form of three memes.
  • Only the President, Vice President, and Finance Minister will have access to a link to the Mega upload of the meme folder.
  • At the end of each week, on Saturday at 23:00-0:00, the Finance Minister will publish a screenshot to the Federal Reserve folder, and entertain any questions as to the Ministry.
  • The Federal Reserve will have the right to create Meme Exchange threads or spam memes in order to get the memeconomy flowing in the case of a memeconomic troubles.
  • One half of the Federal Reserve will be kept for use during wars. These memes will be used to spam enemy boards.

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