Adolf Eichmann (tripcode: !!Ho8YFUnx18C) is a politician, historian, political theorist, author, and founder of the National Democratic Party. A former member of the Libertarian Party, he was one of the few major figures in the party that remains in the Parliament before leaving the party. He was a strong ally of Catharsis, essentially the de-facto leader of the Libertarians in Parliament at the time, and views the National Socialists with disdain. He served as one of two Libertarian MPs present at the Constitutional Convention, and he played an important role in defining the powers of the Minister of Defense. He formed the National Democratic Party on 16 June 2015, after his frustration with the Libertarian party and its lack of clearly-defined goals and principles.


Eichmann, though strongly ideologically opposed to NatSoc, believes in the tenets of freedom of speech and expression very strongly; he is also a strong supporter of the non-aggression principle and the 2nd Amendment.