Party Views Edit

At it's core, Anarchocapitalism is about the Non-Aggression principle (the same principle that libertarians wave as a flag, but themselves contradict by wanting the continuation of a state). The Non-Aggression principle states that you cannot 

  1. Initiate Force
  2. Threaten to initiate force
  3. Commit fraud

There is some degree of nuance and further studying that is required to understand how these principles apply in more complex situations, but our views boil down to the idea that we should not use force against others to achieve our desired ends.

Party Goals Edit

We aim to reduce the role of the central state as much as possible, and our hope is to eventually change the framework of the state such that it operates without initiating force against anyone (this is possible, but technically it would no longer be defined as a state since it doesn't initiate force).

Other anarchists Edit

I'm an anarcho-(x) should I join your party? (tl;dr: yes)

The thing is, the word capitalism has quite a bit of baggage that most ancaps don't believe are fairly assigned to the term capitalism. We believe capitalism merely means the consensual exchange of goods and services. Thus anarcho-syndicalism and all other anarchisms are *technically* anarcho-capitalisms. Most anarcho-capitalists have the ideal of first getting rid of the state, and then ancaps and anarcho-syndicalists and all other sects can have their own little communes/cities/geographic locations where they practice their own form of anarchism, but all of them operate under a wider wing of anarchocapitalism because they all freely trade with each other, and freely exchange services.