This page will be used to track diplomatic relations between /pol/ and the other boards of 4chan. The page shall be maintained by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Intelligence.

Dipolomatic Summary for BoardsEdit

  • /b/ - Constantly shifting. Unknown consensus.
  • /r9k/ - Overt hostility towards any outsiders is the norm for robots. Approach with caution.
  • /tg/ - Generally unconcerned with the affairs of other boards. Be polite, and you're usually good.
  • /int/ - Simmering hostility following the attempt to establish the Parliament of /int/.
  • /x/ - Relations agitated following the invasion of the board by Andrei.
  • /qa/ - Neutral territory for users of all boards. Agitators of /pol/ are outspoken here.
  • /k/ this Pic sums up K opinion of pol.We pretty much like eachother, but our incompetence and edgy actitude triggers them too much (one of the most easy board to troll remember, MAGAZINES=CLIPS>300 post thread 2 years ago).So just be polite,dont sperg and SS were not the best in WW2!.

    As i said, they know more about geopolitcal status and war than you! dont even !

  • /v/ - Unknown
  • /tv/ - Unknown
  • /sp/ - Unknown
  • /fit/ - Unknown
  • /lgbt - Unknown
  • /g/ - Unknown
  • [s4s] - Unknown
  • /jp/ - Unknown
  • /sci/ - Unknown

External Diplomacy SummaryEdit

Filed ReportsEdit

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