"Freedom, Fraternity, King and Country"

The British Imperial Party is a political party that seeks to combat American hegemony on /pol/ by providing a centralised voice for the interests of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and her [former] Dominions and Colonies.

Additionally, the British Imperial Party supports the re-establishment of the British Empire to her full borders, and the use of /pol/'s natural and human resources to achieve this goal. In return, /pol/ shall be incorporated into the British Empire as a dominion, its inhabitants gaining all the Rights and Privileges of British subjects.

The British Imperial party calls upon all men of sound mind and British blood to join our cause.

Primary Parliamentary GoalsEdit

Re-introduction of the Westminster System: The Westminster System is a democratic parliamentary system of government modelled after the politics of the United Kingdom. The British Imperial Party seeks the abandonment of the current presidential system, and a return to the Westminster System, which the Parliament of /pol/ has previously operated and thrived under.

Secondary Parliamentary Goals Edit

Establishment of English as the official language: While English is the de facto language of the Parliament of /pol/, it has no official status. The British Imperial Party wishes to rectify this oversight by making British English the sole de jure language of /pol/, in which all parliamentary proceedings and legislation will be required to be written in.

Referendum on parliamentary schedule: The British Imperial Party believes the current parliamentary scheduling disadvantages British and Australian MP's (among others) with inconvenient session times. A solution to this problem must be found.



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