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What is a Speaker?Edit

The Speaker is an elected Officer of Parliament that presides over Legislative Sessions, acting as an impartial moderator. Parliament shall elect a Speaker for each Region, candidates of which must be willing nominees or volunteers, to serve through the Term of Government. Each Speaker may appoint up to two Deputies to act in the Event of their Absence, and also an Acting Secretary of the Minutes, whose duties shall last for the extent of that Legislative Session, and consist of recording which bills are tabled for a vote, the full text of those bills as they were voted upon, the number of YEA, NAY, or ABSTAIN votes, and which Members of Parliament voted, and which manner they voted.

The Speaker shall have the ability to call Attention to the floor, and for Order, and to Censure Members of Parliament for Unbecoming Conduct; to set the agenda, and bring forth Bill Proposals from the Docket of Bills for review, discussion, and eventual voting, according to Parliamentary Procedure; moderate, begin, and end Discussion; and call for a decisive YEA, NAY, or ABSTAIN vote after the allotted time for Discussion has passed, but may not vote on Legislation, while Presiding, unless Parliament is equally divided, except in cases where Parliament has not yet met Quorum.

The Speaker is considered Derelict in his Duties after missing, unannounced, and barring extenuating circumstances, three subsequent Legislative Sessions for his designated Region, and shall be summarily removed from Office. A Speaker may also be Dismissed from his Office should he Abuse the Honor, Trust, and Good Faith vested in him upon his election by the Head Speaker, the Vice President of the Politically Incorrect Board of 4chan, should that Dismissal go uncontested. If contested Parliament may remove the Speaker from his Office with two thirds consensus.

As a sitting Member of Parliament, the Speaker may be a member of a political party, and may vote as any other Member of Parliament when not presiding over a Legislative Session. [1]


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Presiding over a Legislative Session

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