The Eternal Kingdom of Divine Serenity (永恒国度神圣的宁静), or Chinese Dynasty Party for short, seeks to bring the order and traditional values of Chinese civilization to the untamed wilderness of /pol/.


> Embraces a mixture of government and societal policies from the Qin, Han, Tang, Song, and Ming dynasties of China

> Traditional values are always the greatest values

> We believe that foreigners living in our lands should assimilate into our culture rather than us accommodating them

> The social hierarchy must be respected by all, everyone has their set place in society

> All printed money should be backed by silver

> The Communist regime that enslaves the Chinese people must end

> Strong borders are required to keep barbarians out of our nations and shitposters out of our board

> While we have a preference towards the Three Teachings (三教) (Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism) we allow all faiths a certain degree of freedom

> The Imperial Examination (科舉) should be reinstated to determine the worthiness of public officials

> The family is the most important social unit, not the individual

> The censorship and great firwall of the PRC must end, so our brothers in the motherland can join our cause

> Merchants are to be mistrusted, since their love of money over all else leads to societal degradation

Membership PolicyEdit

  • Please use the names of famous Chinese emperors, preferably from the Dynasties of Qin, Han, Tang, Song, or Ming, whenever possible
  • Chinese character names are preferred, but not required


  1. 秦始皇帝 (Qínshǐhuáng dì) [China Dynasty] !!zPEG3FtZ4RN
  2. 唐高祖 (Táng gāozǔ) [China Dynasty] !!3kSdoZFaVjU
  3. 永樂帝 (Yǒnglè dì) [China Dynasty] !!S4rZlGOT4d9
  4. Soochow Salmon [China Dynasty] !!WkC2LH5l36

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