Personal Info
Position Former Speaker for North America
Party Cerberus
Tripcode  !!kMXNmdNlm8q
Country United States of America
Status Active

Conrad is some random anon redneck fuckoff from the state of Tennessee who discovered Parliament while browsing /pol/. He ran uncontested for the Speaker of North America on 6/20/2015, then resigned on 6/26 due to a personal feeling of incompetence in counting votes. He is currently a member of Cerberus, hates the Serf party for samefaggotry, and holds a strong distaste for the NatSoc party after the events on 6/26. At this moment, he does not plan to run for president or any other major position of power until shit is straightened out in Parliament by Catharsis and Illusive Man.

Hobbies include reading fantasy and science fiction novels, playing both Pathfinder like a /tg/ fag and role-playing video games like a vidya-addicted prick, and taking part in RPs on various role-play sites. Conrad also has a decent understanding of anime along with anime's associated culture and enjoys discussing classical Japanese history, yet strongly dislikes the xenophobic nature of the modern Japanese culture (seriously, fuck those people. No amount of /a/'s weeaboo bullshit will make me think modern mainstream Japan isn't a degenerate cesspool with high-quality anime and kickass RPGs being the only good exports as they allow their elderly to stifle creativity and ingenuity in the name of tradition and maintaining dead values while running their nation through an economic rut lasting more than three decades. Fuck. That. Nation. I hope all the old fucks from that nation die off while the soulless pop idols are sold off to some sort of dark, twisted fate while the few people worth saving (a.k.a. People who know how to have a shit of a creative thought) are taken in as refugees and allowed to flourish in their creations) He is also known to rant about topics and subjects that he sees as plain shit, such as the views of third wave feminists and the prevailing winds of the video game industry.

Also, he's a major history faggot, planning to major in it and eventually teach it.