This is a quick and simple guide for what is needed to form a new party.

What To Do Edit

before you create a new party, make sure to look over all the other parties to make sure there aren't any existing parties that fit in with your ideology; we don't need 15 variations of the Nazi party.

  1. Name your party
  2. Create a page for your party on the Wiki
  3. Create your party's platform, outlining what your party believes in and what your policies are; the more the better
  4. Choose your Party's Color. This needs to be in Hexcode, which you can find at
  5. Create a shortened or abbreviated party tag for your names eg National Socialists -> [NatSoc]
    • Please make sure all party members use the EXACT SAME tag
  6. Make and maintain a list of all party members on the party page

Once you have completed all of these things your party will be recognized by the parliament. However your party will be put under the category of "other" on official charts until you have at least 3 members.