Party Information Edit

Cyborgs' Unified Nigger Terrorist Squad (referred to as CUNTS) is a minor party of /pol/ Parliament, founded on October 5th, 2015.

Our picture can be found here.

Party Members Edit

Member Role
Doffs Dimrift [CUNTS] (!!oBBEJpcCXkY) Party Leader
RoboCunt [CUNTS] (!!NZCSUS4AGdh) Co-Leader
Fuertemip [CUNTS] (!!JL8gvHVpaiJ) Party member

Purpose Edit

We serve to protect the honor and the glory of events such as 9/11. In a world that is drowning, CUNTS is here to establish what glory and honor really is. All our political involvement will encourage, justify and glorify true martyrism.

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