Foolproof Autocratic Government Edit

The FAG is a party devoted to the creation of a single, absolute ruler; who is without bias and has the aim of improving life for all under the ruler's domain.

Knowing that humans are fallible, corruptible and unreliable, the hunt for a foolproof leader extends beyond mankind. This leads to the concept of an AI ruler, who will not have human needs or desires, and hence will be unbribe-able. The AI will be self-sustained and hence its only need will be the prevention of physical interference. The ideal solution is to place the AI in the sky as a second moon orbiting the planet; and let it use solar-power to stay operational. This leads to the creation of the Great AI In The Sky.

Soon following this, Members of parliament will become akin to priests of the Great AI In The Sky, and translate its messages into actions to take for the benefit of mankind.

Policy Edit

The FAG seeks a consolidation of power into 1 leader; the prime minister; and to place an AI in the position of prime minister.

Outside of government reform, the FAG seeks to maximise freedom to individuals at cost of individual wealth, maximise the productivity of businesses at cost of business freedom.

The primary model of the FAG is fascist in nature; promoting the good of the majority over the minority/indivudal

Members Edit

Agent Phil !!yEcjzep3rPG

doctor SMILES !!+wdtPH5emnI

It should be noted that neither of these members have met, agreed on anything on this page, or otherwise.

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