The Party Edit

The GTU was created by Seamus O'Drunkard after Leaving Cerberus on 21/09/2015, and has a technocratic, somewhat social-capitalist views, with a largely Nationalistic Gaelic Theme.

The colour for the party is #40FF00

" Alba Gu Brath, Erin Go Bragh, Cymru Am Byth, Celtic Deo!" - The Chant of the GTU

TGU Flag

Policies Edit

  • To Advance technology everywhere, for human benefit.
  • To turn Ireland, Scotland and wales into the superpowers of the world, under one, Gaelic Flag.
  • To turn England into the whimpering little bitch it deserves to be.
  • To promote Science in all Gaelic countries and control the worlds scientific program.
  • To create a militia controlled by Gaelic Operators.
  • To Banter with the other "commonwealth" Cunts. Mainly Australia.
  • Against Cyborgs/ Human Augmentation

Members Edit

  1. Seamus O'Drunkard  !!tddPn95cxZ6

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