Platform Edit

Coat of arms

The Girondist Front was created with the purpose of upholding the republican institutions, freedom of speech, the tripartite system and the to become the champion of the people, guiding /pol/ into a new era of enlightenment, revolution and prosperity. We see ourselves as the heirs of the first Jacobin Club, before Montagnards hijacked the revolution and perverted it into a new tyranny of the few, concentrated in Paris and enslaving all the other regions, like all around the world. We fight for Federalism, Liberty, Equality and Humanity. Join us today, citizen! Let's close ranks and defend the rights of our fellow citizens and fight for the well-being of the Republic.

Policies Edit

-The GF is for restricted immigration, and for immigrants being selected according to the cultural background, the closer to the country chosen the better and on how much they would be contribute to the local society

-We firmly believe that any monetary influence of the political process, lobbying and corporatism put the Republic in mortal danger and strangles democracy.

-We uphold the freedom of choice and to make your own choices as a sacrosanct and conquered with the blood of thousands of brave men and women that died so they could end the state monopoly and make a living with their own hands and sweat, therefore we are for laissez-faire, but we condemn any kind of corporatism and monopolies.

-Total autonomy for all boards.

-Tripartition of power.

 Internal debate system Edit

A Skype group was created, so party members can better communicate and a healthy debate environment created. Anything is subject to be debated and it will be, thoroughly.The internal decision making is somewhat simple, every bill will be discussed internally and if 2/3 of the members are favourable to it then it will be the orientation for the members to vote accordingly.

If a 2/3 majority is not acquired the members will be allowed to vote following their principles. In case of a member not willing to vote according to the party orientation the members will discuss if he must be released to vote according to his conscience of forced to follow the orientation by a voting decided by simple majority.

Our party has leadership elections every 2 weeks and any member can run. The member with the most votes wins.

This structure will work as a think-tank and the heart of the legislative agenda and process of the Parliament. Aux armes, girondins!

Members Edit

-Brissot-chan[GF] !!KmVEuUNO5AX (Party Founder and provisional party leader)

-Hungur Pungur [GF] !!nRlPnbi6qpF(Party Founder)

-Bolas[GF] !!Xxq+NyGIm+A (Fellow Girondist and first member)

-Rick Ross[GF] !!hBk4Qb6U1z+ (Fellow Girondist)

-mëmë [GF] !!NGP+S4m5fxS (Fellow Girondist)

-Smedly Butler - GF - Rear Admiral 

-Adolf Merkel [GF] !!bPpL3hzz8Ps  

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