Chrisi Avgi

Emblem of Golden Dawn

                                             Golden Dawn

                                              "Αίμα,Τιμη,Χρυση Αυγη"

Golden Dawn (Greek:Χρυση Αυγη) is a Radical Nationalist party with Xenophobic and Racist ideals , led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Main target of Golden Dawn is cleansing its nation from Immigrants , in general , making Greece a White nation

Other targets include:

  • Increasing agricultural production and manufacturing                                  
  • Rewarding hard work and implementing a meritocracy
  • Exploiting Greece's oil, gas, and precious metal reserves.
  • Audit and erase part of the national debt which they deem illegal
  • Demand that the German government repay a loan that was forced upon Greece during the Axis occupation
  • Form trade agreements with Russia, Iran, and China; and remove the red tape blocking trade.
  • Proclaim Greece's exclusive economic zone.

Current Members:

Nikolaos Michaloliakos (Founder / Leader)

Tsipras (Spokesperson)

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