Griffith Veriss

  • 09/2015
Political Party
Political Stance
  • Moderate Leftist
  • Cell Member of Recruiting and Retention(Officer)

Griffith Veriss is the ONLY Mexican member of parliament and has been Loyal to Cerberus ever since he came to Parliament.


Griffith came to 4Chan a long time ago, around 2010. As an oldfag, he encountered by accident a Go/B/ thread and got addicted to it. After a particullarly long game, in which Griffith (who went by Osric at that time) gave a very motivational speech, the Illusive Man decided to invite him to /pol/ to play in the parliament. However, he forgot about it. It would take weeks for Griffith to finally remember the Illusive Man's Invitation.


He is a young man who is a moderate leftist who despises his own country (Mexico). He has the wish to eventually become Prime Minister and to be able to change the way people live and think for the Greater Good.

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