Personal Info
Position Party Leader
Party 9/11 Party
Tripcode  !!qpcvP4g9de7
Country United States of America
Status Engaging in Reproductive Behaviors with Promiscuous Females
Hypoxia is a /politician/ and is the founding member of the 9/11 Party. He joined on September 17, 2015.

Core Tenets Edit

  1. 9/11 is the best day of the year and should be made an international holiday.
  2. There should be a clear separation between Church and state.
  3. Romanians and Australians should be labeled the official shitposters of /pol/.
  4. Abortion, recreational drug use, gun ownership, and prostitution should be fully legalized.
  5. Acceptance of "refugees" only reduces incentive to improve their homelands and increases racial tensions at their destination.
  6. Colleges and universities should only offer majors in STEM fields, economics, and music.
  7. Human society should function in the manor that maximizes the rate of scientific progress.
  8. Tumblr should be labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  9. Black Lives Matter is a flawed campaign and its members should be sent back to Africa, where they will be free of discrimination.
  10. Immigrants should get 20 years to prove themselves. If they can't establish a productive social role in that time, they should be sent to a lunar colony.
  11. Development of a lunar colony should begin immediately.

Voting History Edit

  • Prevent African Influence in Our Western Parliament Act: Nay
  • Correction of Party Name Act: Nay
  • Presidential Election: Illusive Man
  • Speaker Election: Bulletkin