Jade Nationalist Flag

We strive to embrace the values of nationalism, militarism, traditionalism, and the values of east Asia.


  • Individual rights and needs are irrelevant, the survival and prosperity of family and nation is paramount.
  • Unlike the western nationalists we don't blame the Jews for all our problems, but rather a lack of unity and discipline, our stance towards Jews is apathetic indifference.
  • Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam have no place in our society.
  • All citizens are required to perform service for the nation in either the military or the public sector.
  • Threads and media that praise Asian civilization are to be supported.
  • Non-Asians have no place in Asian nations unless they can contribute to scientific advancement.

Party MembersEdit

  • Chairman Kaga [JNP] (!!zmbMVoSlo/S)


  • Neo-Confucianism
  • Militarism
  • Meritocracy

External LinksEdit


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