Karl O'Platter is the founder of the Reliant Plauditory Party, a leftist independent party in /pol/'s Parliament.

Political Views Edit


  • Should be limited to the extent of the people's consent, yet not to the brink of anarchy.
  • Should take care of its people and have a reason to exist.
  • Should represent the people's voice.
  • Should only interact with other nations if (and only if) they are directly effected by their actions.


  • Commerce should be shared equally.
  • The government should pay its people if they have to.
  • Prices are determined by their supply and demand.
  • Regulation of business should be in place to prevent monopolies.
  • People should form their own businesses with a bonus from the government.


  • Free religion is tolerated.
  • Homosexuality/LGBT is tolerated.
  • Crime is not punishable, the only thing criminals get in return for their crimes is a "reformation" program to help bring criminals back into society as better people (a la Norway).
  • Jews and the CIA did 9/11. It was all an excuse to start the war in Iraq and indirectly tarnished the reputation of Islam.
  • ISIS and Al Qaeda are international branches of the CIA.
  • Islam is the new Communism.
  • The only thing Hitler did wrong was unwittingly making people feel sorry for the Jews.