Lanius 7709

Lanius' Official Portrait

Legatus Lanius !!B7iK9JGTfCU Is the current Dictator of the SPQR and the current Minister of Defense, as well as the Commander of the Militia, for defending against foreign attacks on /pol/.


Lanius was a member of a tribe hostile to Caesar's Legion, the Hidebarks, and Lanius was the bloodthirsty champion of that tribe, sometimes ambushing entire groups of legionaries by himself. Caesar's Legion then tracked down the Hidebarks, although when they knew that they wouldn't be able to win against Caesar, they chose to surrender. Lanius saw this act as a betrayal to the tribe and it drove him into a bloodthirsty frenzy; killing the Chieftain and 15 others of his own tribe single-handedly before he was knocked unconscious. When Lanius woke up, most of his face was torn off and Caesar was standing beside him. He offered Lanius a place in the Legion and a mask forged in the image of the great god Mars especially for him. Lanius accepted Caesar's proposal, but in return he wanted permission to kill the survivors of his old tribe; Caesar demanded that he only kill the adult males. Since this time, Lanius has led Caesar's Legion to victory over 19 tribes and has led the conquest of Colorado.

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