Official record of the legislative session that took place on September, 29, 2015.

Speaker(s): Bulletkin - Speaker [Libertarian] !!YM/9rQFmSVu

Recordee: Catharsis, President [Hipster Cred] !!T4TdHi6rD+y

Bills Discussed:Edit

Yaro's Confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Be Accountable Bill:

As you are all well aware it takes a lot of time to keep these threads up and parliament running, from our speakers’ never-ending efforts to run sessions, our ministers’ efforts in their respective duties, to our members of parliament. We all strive to make this parliament effective.

Certain votes, such as establishing cabinets, and amending the constitution, require a 2/3 majority vote in a quorum of 50% + 1 of members of parliament seats. These votes are required by our constitution to be held over 72 hours. Maintaining these same voting sessions are a burden to say the least on our already stretched time budgets.

It is therefore proposed:

1.) This bill is retroactive to all proposed amendments that haven’t been approved by a general session as of the date on this bill.
2.) All members of parliament who sponsor or back a constitutional amendment shall be required to be responsible to keep the voting threads alive if no else is available and willing to perform this duty.
3.) They are responsible for keeping records of the threads until which time an automated record keeping system is in place.
3a.) Records required are as follows:
i.) Yea, Nay, or Abstain
ii.) Member of Parliament’s Name
iii.) Member of Parliament’s Tripcode
iv.) Their Post Number
3b.) These aforementioned records are to be archived in or other suitable write-once read-many archival sites.
3c.) These aforementioned archives are to be placed as links in concurrent threads so full accounting of all votes can be made at the end of the prescribed time.
Proposed: Flywheel [Cerberus] !!tOrA2faVsWj 09/26/15; Seconded: Bulletkin - Speaker [Libertarian] !!YM/9rQFmSVu 09/27/15, derp_commander (Clerk) [Socialist Front] !!SSXdvR3LCoa 09/27/15

Repeal Korean Waifus

So many parties here are against entitlements, and yet we're legalizing entitlements for ourselves? Really? Nevermind the rights of the "waifus" in question; nevermind that waifufags are the cancer that is killing the Parliament (waifufags pls go); nevermind that anyone who needs a government mandated waifu is an omega male (>>>/r9k/) who needs to man the fuck up; this goes against the core ideology of many of the parties who voted for it. Jesus Christ, have some fucking integrity.

Proposed by: Catharsis, VP [Independent] !!T4TdHi6rD+y, 2015/09/24; Seconded by: Moff Wibbles [Galactic Empire] !!uEJlMx2b3bk, 2015/09/24; Opposed: Bulletkin - Speaker [Libertarian] !!YM/9rQFmSVu, 2015/09/24

Vote Tally: Edit

Yaro (5/3/2), CONFIRMED

1. Nay - Bantz lobbyist {Deputy kebab remover} [Cerberus] !!f0IEJPUmC84

2. Abstain - Shadow Reichsminister of Forestry Alexander [Nat Soc] !!bZv95O7fSFV

3. Nay - Trapper [PNP] !!E/pXNJxhTNK

4. Yea - Tensa [Independent] !!fGcCZAsLKWC

5. Abstain - Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest - [Confederate Party] !!aWNy3lGEBpU

6. Yea - Overlord Romanicus [Minister of Justice] [Order of the Dark Cross Sovereignty] !!sTdplEVCxv/

7. Yea - Tacticaldrop [Cerberus] M of Fucking Defense !!jORkBuWfdyy

8. Yea - Flämische Nationalist [Nat Soc] !!HUgbz6omBTr

9. Abstain - Seamus ODrunkard <RL> [GTU] !!tddPn95cxZ6

10. Yea - Shaka - Minister of Justice [The Zulu Party] !!nSVd+ApGah3

Accountable -- QUORUM NOT MET

1. Yea - Trapper [PNP] !!E/pXNJxhTNK

2. Yea - Kai Leng[PNP] !!jXe638Ie3Tv

3. Yea - Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest - [Confederate Party] !!aWNy3lGEBpU

4. Yea - Shaka - Minister of Justice [The Zulu Party] !!nSVd+ApGah3

5. Yea - Communist doge - [New Stalinism] !!Ab37dLdh51D

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