"Union makes strength. Strength and knowledge make prosperity"

The Liberal Democrat Party is a center party created on 09/07/2015 which is based on:

-The support of scientific research

-The support of renewable energies

-The support of individual, economic and political freedom

-Not being a cuck

-Maintaining and encouraging the power of Europe and the USA, since they are vastly superior to any other civilization

-Freedom of cult

-Free market, liberty of the individual, political freedom... But without getting rid of the state of course we need it for the Army, public education and healthcare.

-Educate people properly so they know how economy works, let them have freedom to run their businesses and shit and let free market do its thing.

-And on social issues, we are all bros, no discrimination. Useless people will starve to death without us having to do a thing. All thanks to free market.

That's LD's opinion grosso modo.

Hex code for the party: #FFCC00 (Pantone yellow)

LD's stances Edit

Shitposting: Edit

For the most part, shitposting is OK because is considered part of a normal and functioning parliament. BUT, if said shitposting offers absolutely nothing of value to the parliament, not even keks, is considered pure cancer.

Shills: Edit

The Liberal Democratic Party won't be hostile per se in case of shilling. However, it won't support in any way a shilling attitude. The party's stance on shilling could be described as disagreement and in some cases diplomatic condemn of such ways.

Outside the board diplomacy: Edit

We believe in dialogue and the understanding between rational men, therefore the LDP won't be hostile against any other party or parliament unless provoked or severely offended. Open debates and communication are the way to go for us.

Current members Edit

Adolf Merkel. Spanish MP

Leftist Alliance Edit

The Liberal Democrat Party was a member of the Leftist Alliance, which included the Social Democrats and the Democratic Socialists.

New Democratic Party Edit

On 11/07/2015 at 01:00 GMT+2 the LD became part of the New Democratic Party, A sort of umbrella party which merged also the Social Democrats and the Democratic Socialists. On 22/08/15, the LDP left the NDP (inactivity of members) and became an independent party again.

On 18/9/2015, LD joined once again the NDP, which then merged with the Socialist Front

Supporters Edit

The LD has been widely supported by Sasha Grey, Guy Verhofstadt, Taylor Swift and many others.