Maximus Virtutem
Muh augustus
I love the name of honor, more than I fear death
Personal Info
Position Leader of SPQR
Party SPQR
Tripcode  !!Houu/Q//1+T
Country Australia
Status Active

Member and leader of SPQR

Identification Edit

Maximus Virtutem [SPQR] !!Houu/Q//1+T 

Biography Edit

Little is known about his life prior to his inception into the senate of /pol/, though it is rumored that on the day of his birth the gods were so pleased that they brought peace to the world as a celebration.

Maximus Joined the parliament, aligning with SPQR, on Monday the 25th of May, 2015. at the time of his induction, SPQR had fallen behind the other parties and had suffered from the loss of numerous members, but thanks to his tireless efforts; Maximus managed to successfully reform the party.

For the Time and energy he put into the party, Maximus was named Dictator of SPQR and given the responsibility of overseeing the party for the foreseeable future.

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A painting depicting the birth of Maximus Virtutem

After a failed coalition with Cerberus, the Libertarians and the Socialist alliance fell apart, Maximus along with his fellow colleagues was able to form an interim government with Cerberus and the National Socialists. As a senior member of SPQR, Maximus Virtutem was given the position of minister for defence.

Prior to the collapse of the 7th Parliament, the membership of SPQR had grown significantly; rising from a meagre 1 to 17 active members in the parliament.

In the wake of the Second Shitstorm of /pol/, Maximus Virtutem decided to leave the parliament indefinitely on the 13th of June 2015.

After the restoration of the /pol/ parliament, Maximus returned to his beloved party on the 24th of June to once again lead it to glory.

"I have heeded the calls from Jupiter himself and have returned to resurrect the party that I hold so dearly. So get ready for some Romeposting because Maxybaby's back!!!1!!" - Maximus' proclamation of his return
During the Second Great Hiatus of the Parliament, Maximus; along with others, migrated to the Nationstates region of Dhoom. There he governed the Holy Empire of Maiwaifu.

Positions and Titles Edit

Currently, Maximus Virtutem holds the positions of:

  • Senator of the Senātus Populusque Rōmānus
  • Dictator of the SPQR party

His full title is "Dictator Maximus Virtutem, First Citizen of the State of Rome"

After his resignation, He was post posthumously given the title of "Caesar"