May Edit

After joining the parliament in Summer of 2015, may founded the Confederate Party. The Confederate Party stagnated with only one member for several months, until September of 2015. At this time, several members joined the Confederate Party, including Trumpistan. During this time of September 2015, may passed the Anti-Degeneracy Bill (which was repealed), then the New Anti-Degeneracy Bill, which is currently awaiting judicial approval. May's most important legislation to date is the Federal Reserve and Memeconomy Bill, which is awaiting a vote.

Political Views Edit

  • Compass
    Religious views: May is a very Christian person, attending church every Sunday. Thus, he believes that Moralism is an important thing.
  • Social views: May supports the nuclear family, and the traditional Western social structure
  • Rights: May supports your rights! He supports vouchers, freedom of speech, and your freedom to choose if you have kids or not. He also supports your rights over your children.
  • Economic views: May is very capitalist on the economy. He believes in trickle-down economics and the power of hard work to better ones self.

Time as Minister of Finance Edit

On September 27th, 2015, may was appointed the Minister of Finance. May's policy for the Finance Ministry can be seen here:


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