The National Democratic Party of /pol/ is a political party formed by the MP and former Libertarian Party member Adolf Eichmann on 16 June, 2015. Founded after his frustration with the political process and the murkiness of the Libertarian Party's supported policies, Eichmann struck off on his own and quickly developed his own political party.

The Ten Points of the National Democratic PlatformEdit

NUMBER ONE. The National Democratic Party seeks to establish and secure for /pol/ a government, instituting among men a fair state ruling with the consent of the governed; and supporting and promoting a uniquely /pol/ackian character for that state.

NUMBER TWO. The National Democratic Party seeks to secure forever man's right to property, and speech, and expression, and life; and his right to the pursuit of happiness, and all things which a free man ought by right do.

NUMBER THREE. The National Democratic Party seeks to institute significant welfare reform; whereby an independent government committee, composed of non-partisan members, shall oversee applications for welfare and accept or deny the requests on the merits of the applicants and their socio-economic situation; and, in instances wherein a request for welfare is accepted, the recipient of such government assistance must be actively searching for a full-time occupation; upon re-entering the workforce the welfare checks they receive will be canceled.

NUMBER FOUR. The institution of communism, and any and all political organizations and parties thus associated, being a clear and present threat to the aforementioned freedoms of man, will forever be abolished from this Republic.

NUMBER FIVE. The National Democratic Party seeks to uphold the concept of a strong military, to combat our national enemies in foreign and domestic lands, and to fight our enemies abroad.

NUMBER SIX. The National Democratic Party opposes the concept of abortion, and shall be outlawed entirely; unless the mother in question bears a child brought about by rape, or if the birth of said child will result in health complications or death on the mother's part.

NUMBER SEVEN. The National Democratic Party shall put forward an amendment for the consideration of the Parliament to enshrine the policy of the death penalty for repeat offenders, and for men who have committed such grave crimes with irrefutable evidence for it to be undeniable as to his culpability.

NUMBER EIGHT. The National Democratic Party will ban taxes on the estate, and on inheritances; and an amendment to the Constitution will be supported that will declare such taxes as unconstitutional and outside the authority of government.

NUMBER NINE. The National Democratic Party shall rein in the powers and reach of the intelligence community, and shall maintain transparency in the future when dealing with bills regarding national security and the intelligence community.

NUMBER TEN. Trayvon Martin will be declared an eternal enemy of the state; and George Zimmerman will be declared the Patron Saint of the Republic of /pol/.

Party ideologyEdit