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Summary Edit

The National Moralist Party's raison d'etre is to build a society that exemplifies the following 3 points:

  1. A free-enterprise economy wherein the government serves to prevent monopolies and trusts from forming.
  2. A stable government with moral principles.
  3. A stable family structure with traditional values.

Party Colors Edit

  • #000000 [Black]

Joining the Party Edit


Platform Edit

On Domestic Issues Edit

  • Concerning abortion, we are pro-life. Human life begins at conception, and thus abortion is unacceptable.
  • Concerning the legalization of marijuana, we are pro-medical marijuana, and anti-recreational marijuana. Marijuana certainly has its uses medically for patients in need, but recreational marijuana use encourages slothfulness and affects a person's cognitive ability, and thus is degenerate.
  • Concerning the LGBT movement, we are anti-LGBT. Homosexuality and other related deviant stances are perversions of human decency and nature. In our ideal society, homosexuals would not be actively punished unless they engage in acts that promote a homosexual lifestyle in public. In other words, keep in to yourself.
  • Concerning the gender debate, we are pro-status quo. We stand by the fact that there are but 2 genders, male and female, and any others are simply fantasies and hold no water.
  • Concerning the gender wage-gap issue, we are pro-status quo. Women simply have the same starting foot as men in the workforce, it is up to them to take advantage of opportunities to advance up the social and financial ladders.
  • Concerning the healthcare system, we are pro-single payer healthcare. The citizens of the nation all contribute to a universal healthcare system that covers necessary and life-threatening operations and treatments. Any vanity or cosmetic related functions at medical facilities are to be paid out of pocket.

On Economic Issues Edit

  • Concerning the minimum-wage debate, we are anti-minimum wage, and by that we mean any minimum wage. Let the markets settle on their own equilibrium wages.
  • Concerning the currency, we are anti-fiat currency. Instead, alternative solutions, such as those that present a currency backed by specie or pegged to our GDP, should be explored.
  • Concerning taxation:
    • We are pro-wealth tax. Rather than taxing income, we propose a tax based on a person's saved wealth.
    • We are anti-sales tax. Let consumers and businesses buy and sell without the hindrance of sales taxes.
  • Concerning foreign imports, we are pro-free trade. If another country places import tariffs on our exported goods, then we shall respond in kind, but otherwise free trade is our standard.

On Foreign Issues Edit

  • Concerning the general foreign policy stance, we are pro-neutrality. Wars that are justifiably in the self-defense of the nation or our allies are ones that should be persecuted with all possible support. Aggressive and interventionist wars, however, are not defensive in nature, and should be avoided.

Party Membership Edit

Name Rank Time Zone
Hadrian (!!zeC8zbdBnQZ) Party Leader EST (GMT -5)

Party History Edit

  • September 18th, 2015 - Aequus Party founded by Hadrian.
  • September 19th, 2015 - Aequus Party rebranded as "National Moralist Party".

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