National Socialist Bismarck was a leader of the National Socialist Party during the Sixth Parliament Era.

Platform During his ReignEdit

Nice party, Eugenics, and SPQR annexed. all corporations will have to share their trusts and assets with the Reich and thus will have to serve the people.

All roman law is replaced with the common Reich law, only ethnic Germans are allowed to own property/industries.

The brightest of my nation are to have the best education in the nation at the expense of the state.

The party leadership is not to be composed of nepotistic people but of the strongest blood of the nation, who will serve the Reich.

All of my people have freedom of religion so long as it doesn't conflict with national character and interests.

The Reich must arm ourselves in order to protect our nation from international elements that we can see from the past detest our Reich.

We shall achieve self independence of the Germanic peoples.

All must serve the Reich and love your fellow Kamerad as your own.

undesirable's regardless of race are to be humanely executed.

The Germanic peoples are to be fed and clothed with a right to work, there can never be a German unemployed.

A womans role is to have as many Germanic children as possible, families who plan on getting married with children will obtain tax breaks and a house which will be paid off after having birthed children.

Gladiatorial combat legalised and encouraged, major criminals have the choice of a good death in the arena, or a public execution.

Reinstatement of the death penalty to all major crimes and any crimes performed by foreigners, floggings/beatings to be punishments for smaller crimes.

Marriage is defined by one man one woman.

Men are to be the head of the household and provide for the family.

Usury banned as well as other passive non productive forms of income.