OP Copypasta

ITT we make a government and finally elect a leader of /pol/.

Previous Thread : >>[insert here]

How to participate:

>1 namefag = 1 MP

>Join an existing political party or create your own

To create a party:

>choose name & color (I need a hex code not some random color or you will get the gayest shade of said color I can find

>appoint a party leader

>party must have at least 3 avowed members to be officially recognized

>making a wiki page or pastebin of your party platform is highly encouraged but not required

>Once we have ~15 MPs we can begin to form party coalitions to determine the ruling government of parliament

>We will use the thread to vote (if I suspect jewery we will hold a second vote)

>Your name should go like "Name [Political Party] #tripcode" for easy identification.

All political parties should keep track of their members, i.e write it down on the wiki or pastebin, so it's easier to manage.

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