This is the ratified & amended official Constitution of the Parliament of /pol/. Ratification was completed on 06/22/15 by a 12-1-0 vote.

Quorum Edit

The quorum is 10 MPs or 10% of all MPs, whichever number is greater.

Amendment Edit

Amendments can be proposed by any MP, then must be seconded by another MP and passed with a 2/3 vote of Parliament with a quorum.

Legislative Branch Edit

Basic Outline Edit

  • The Legislature will be an unicameral body known as the Parliament of /pol/.
  • Legislation can be passed by a simple majority of Parliament with a quorum.

The Size of Parliament Edit

  • The default size of Parliament will be 200 seats.
  • This

can be increased by 15 seats once per week by a simple majority vote with a quorum, but only if the expertise to update the chart is available.

Executive Branch Edit

Basic Outline Edit

  • The Executive branch will be led by the President of /pol/, who serves as the Head of State and Government.

The Office of the President Edit

  • Can veto up to 5 bills a week, which can only be overridden by a 2/3 majority.
  • Commander in Chief of the armies of /pol/.
  • As

Head of Government can appoint up to ten Ministers to the Cabinet, Minister of Records MUST be appointed before any other ministers can be

  • Can

establish up to six new ministries to help run the government (Exchequer, Defense, Records & Foreign Affairs exist by default)

  • As Head of State he is chief diplomat of /pol/.
  • The

President's running mate in the election becomes Vice President, if no running mate is chosen the 2nd place candidate becomes Vice President.

Election of the President Edit

  • To be elected by the general assembly of /pol/ Parliament.
  • All

candidates and running mates must be registered at least 6 hours before the election, candidates will start being accepted 6 days before the election to allow time to campaign.

  • If

no candidate captures 50% of the vote there will be a best of two runoff election, to be overseen by the OP or designated election officials.

Limits of the President Edit

  • The President can serve up to three two-week terms.
  • Can be impeached by a 2/3 vote with at least 20 participant members or 10% of all seats, whichever is greater.

The Office of the Vice President Edit

  • Takes over for the President in the case of resignation, impeachment, or death/incapacitation.
  • Acts as Head Speaker of the Parliament
  • Can override the speakers planned docket and set their own for one session per week but must attend said session.
  • Can take the tiebreaking vote in the vote on a bill, but only if present for the session.

Electoral Branch Edit

  • A

separate branch of government to oversee elections and election schedules. Will consist of 5 MPs from different parties, who will retain their votes and seats in Parliament.

  • The

committee will consist of 5 members, two chosen from the three largest parties, two from the two smallest major parties, and the fifth is a vote among all members to choose someone from a party that hasn't already been chosen. Each party from those groups selects their own representative to serve a 3 week term.

  • The election for this will be set on a Thursday, so any party that began after Sunday but before Thursday doesn't qualify.

Bill of Rights Edit

To Be Determined

Signatures Edit

  • Signing this document is a vote of support for it.

Darkgod [Edgelords] !!BD9ejJS6lUb Illusive Man [Cerberus] (!!5Oad5RQQgcg)

Sir Zyklon [NatSoc] (!!ndtY4Lv6geP)

GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc] (!NBNWXT2C6M)

Joseph Goebbels [RefNatSoc] !!Evi+K+3CRu3

Peppa Greens [PIIP] (!!yao7FqnfPva)

Sansos[Galactic Empire] (!!jH/ysVV0w1Q)

Engels Ankles [Partisans] (!!u1jIP4z7+3D)

Tact [Independent] (!!kMXNmdNlm8q)

Ron Paul [Libertarian Party] (!!8C+bpVJ+V7D)

Moff Wibbles [Galactic Empire] (!!V2CT8D+TDJt)

Mr.Hank [Partisans] (!!hhmWWtG5AQX)

James Sterben [Cerberus] (!!B2/NClKb6fn)

Kai Leng[Cerberus] !!Vsfvmzcaa54

Trotsky [Cerberus] (!!H1mG6NpxhnN)

Rudi [NatSoc] !/JBOZyv5DE

Comrade Squatov [Partisans] !!OwQaAWi5kqF

Karl Jr. [S.P.A] !!PGTX3zIkLFA

Big Boss [Cerberus] !!+1AJ/9WMylF

ayynon [Skeleton Horde] !!173g33yAoQZ

Hajime Maya [Yakuza] !!pF2VQ1kwTSA

pussyhunter [Edgelords] !!/yXxVjEJdXd 

Bonejangles[Skeleton Horde] !!7c+QLIzqgqA 

Gary Johnson 2012 [Libertarian Party] !!Jc0Ve71Gqct 

Leif Erickson [Radicaalfrysk] !!SoDOM3wgy5k  

Rokai [Centrist] !!+bxWr04GdGJ

Sammy Hagar [PER] !!UDQcbBlzhoY

John Locke Jr. [Libertatian] !!p7h2m64z99R

Keksimus Maximus [Libertarian] !!mKIcgDoyWGt

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