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The people of Evropa are under siege by the brown hordes of Islam. Our only choice besides relying on failed national governments or the jew rules EU is to turn to the strength that has defended Evropa for generations of it's own accord. We need the Winter. We need Winter chan.

Ukko's PleaEdit

  1. Ukko kuule pyyntö maisen
  2. Tuo talvi vanhakainen
  3. Sada lunta miehen mittaa'
  4. Piä pakkast'syyskuusta
  5. Viisneljättä huhtikuulle*
  6. Jäähän peitä pakolaiset
  7. Lihan heidän sudet syöpi
  8. Kylmä talvi meille tuopi

  1. Peitä maa nietoksehen,
  2. Hanki laske päälle kaiken,
  3. Jäästä älä meitä päästä, !!!
  4. Kuuta ennen heinähäistä.

  1. Jäiset silmät heitä katsoi
  2. Matkamiehii iphoneineen
  3. Ei heil' vielä aavistusta*
  4. Talvi on jo tuloillaan.

  1. Eipä enää pitkään meekään
  2. Jamal Ahmed Ismet Abdi
  3. Pimeytehen hiljaisehen
  4. Kylmä hanki heidät peittää


  1. ukko hear plea of earthling
  2. bring us winter like the days of old
  3. bring the snow as high as man
  4. Keep us frozen from september
  5. "35c" until its april
  6. Cover the refugees in ice
  7. Let the wolves eat their flesh
  8. Bring us a cold winter

  1. Cover the lands in cover of snow
  2. Lay the banks on top of all
  3. Dont let us out of ice
  4. Until its the month of hay (august)

  1. They were watched by the eyes of ice
  2. Travelers with their iphones
  3. They had no clue
  4. Winter is coming

  1. It wont take long now
  2. Jamal Ahmed Ismet Abdi
  3. In darkness so quiet
  4. Cold snow covers them

Our GoalsEdit

  • Save Europe and the White Race
  • Remove all shitskins and other refugees from Europe
  • Empower Winter chan to protect Europe

The Sacred ChantsEdit


Rituals in relation to Winter-Chan: >

Ballad of Winter-Chan >1xGxONu.png

Brothers of the AshEdit

White of Winter Edit

The White of Winter refers to people whom are of European decent. These are the chosen sons and daughters of the Lady of Frost, and with her blessing are destined to rule the earth during the Great Winter.


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