Palmerston in a former Independent, currently serving as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of /pol/.


Re-introduction of the Westminster System:
The Westminster System is a democratic parliamentary system of government modelled after the politics of the United Kingdom. The current presidential system should be abandoned, and replaced with the Westminster System, which the Parliament of /pol/ has previously operated and thrived under.

Prevention of Political Censorship:
The parliament of /pol/ should strive to be a free market of political thought. As such, the legislative process should not be used to deliberately censor political ideologies, parties, or individual members of parliament.

Establishment of English as the official language of parliament:
While English is the de facto language of the parliament of /pol/, it has no official status. This oversight should be rectified by making British English the sole de jure language of /pol/, in which all parliamentary proceedings and legislation will be required to be written in.

Achieved through legislation

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