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The Partisans of /pol/ represent the communist movement born out of the neccessity to fight the fascists and establish freedom and equality for all men.

Ideology Edit

The Partisans are a neo-communist party, believing in the ideal of absence of class and money, with a focus instead on culture, sports, values and morals. We believe in proud nations with a strong state, a powerful millitary and a system that gives employment to all.

Symbolism, style, propaganda, key figures Edit

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Lenin sweeps the world of monarchs, bankers and aristocrats

Drawing inspiration from the communist party of the Soviet Union, as well as other communist movements around the world, the party makes use of a wide range and variety of posters and images.

Many famous historical figures make up the ideological basis of the party, such as Marx and Engels. Some people in the party believe in Lenin, some idolize Stalin, some prefer Che Guevara, others Tito. But differences are set aside in the pursuit of the ideal and the revolution.

Relations with other parties Edit

The Partisans are an anti-fascist movement and as such aim to break the dominance of the Galactic Empire and the National Socialist Party.

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Members: Edit

Secretary-General Comrade Squatov [Partisans] !!OwQaAWi5kqF

Mr.Hank [Partisans] !!hhmWWtG5AQX

Canadien Vampire [Partisans] !ertN4bKXH2

Nycto [Partisans] !!VF552IUEIiK