The Phantom Party of Manifest Destiny. Founded by  G.K.E.J.!!rEkSWzi2+mz [(God King Emperor James the Wizened)trip !!rEkSWzi2+mz]

I denounce feudalism, and monarchism because they forcibly set the lives of some above the lives others. they require that you refer to others as being above you and that you subject yourselves to them. this is against my feelings and thoughts which are what has driven man and every other living creature to do anything ever. it is in both my heart and mind that these things are wrong.

I denounce communism and socialism because a mans labor and creativity belong solely to himself. Both ideologies attempt to carve and shape the living desires, the very essence of ones existence.

it is neither the might that makes right nor the divine right of kings that has given man ships or wind to sail the seas with. nor can they give us the mental and spiritual winds to sail the seas beneath the surfaces of the oceans nor the ships to garner power from solar winds so that we may ride the waves of space across the galaxies. 

i denounce democracy because once the populous becomes enlightened to the fact that they can vote others people money or political goodies into their pocxets they rarely fail to do so.

i denounce any republic of the people because no one should be ruled by rules and regulations of people long dead. 

I denounce fascism because like democrats and republicans, fascist seek to change by using the tools of government the monopoly on force and regulation to stop people from doing things they don't like simply because they don't like them.

What is left for those of us who are disgusted with and reject the illegitimate use of force for social or political change or religious change?


     i propose a law stating that any and all person or persons have the right to preform, view, offer, and engage in any sexual act as long as they are a.)  able to survive without external aid or b.) if they are able to pay taxes with or without external aid

External aid being defined as labor, product, or currency provided without payment(labor product or currency).

If a person is able to(and indeed does) sustain their life force without being connected to city infrastructure and does not receive benefits or welfare that they have not earned through contract, or  if they are able to(and do) work and pay taxes off of their labor or product sold (if it is deemed taxable), that no person or agency may infringe on their right to interact sexually as they please.

This act does not grant the for mentioned rights but merely affirms that they shall be protected by law and that they shall not be infringed.