The Politically Incorrect Independence Party (PIIP) is a political party that seeks to pull /pol/ out of the 4chan Union so that /pol/ can control its own affairs. The party was founded by Figel Narage [Politically Incorrect Independence Party (PIIP)] !!j0vKC3/bSK8, who was soon joined by Hannan Daniels[Politically Incorrect Independence Party (PIIP)] !!/MvQnx/WHs6. Following the General Election, the PIIP was elected into government as part of the coalition, consisting of the Libertarians, the Socialist Front, Cerberus, SPQR, and some Independents; Figel Narage also stepped down as leader of the party following the election, handing the leadership to Deputy Leader Hannan Daniels. Following the controversial House of Plebes election, Daniels became demoralized, feeling that his party had victory snatched away from it by voter fraud and rigging, and eventually resigned as leader. The Woolfe became the interim leader of the party but did not show up for 3 days, TONUSER temporarily took control of the party till an eligible leader would show up.

Current Members Edit

-Peppa Greens [PIIP] !!yao7FqnfPva

-Alf' [PIIP] !!EoLeTx4SDHU

-The Intern [PIIP] !!3ikOgqMLRXm

-GoebbeldyGoebbeldyDrop[PIIP] !lXrxEx.8dY

-Oswell [PIIP] !!fcFdIjugT4F


PIIP Pledge Edit

TONUSER announced PIIP's manifesto that is specifically targeted for /pol/ as a board, which can be viewed here.

Other Minor Policies Edit

PIIP stands firmly against legislation that declares members of parliament as "cucks" for reasons that aren't directly related to the actual action of being a cuckhold