This page is for the proposal of amendments to the Constitution of /pol/.

Guidelines for ProposalEdit

  • All proposals must be seconded to be put forward.

Amendment to Article III of the Constitution

Section 1: Where it says "may serve no more than two non-consecutive terms of 6 weeks," this should be changed to "two weeks before it is required of the judges that the president and parliament must re-nominate and re-confirm these judges. The president may choose to nominate others to this position after the end of these two week terms". Every new president should be able to bring in their own judges to better reflect the changes in the views of the individuals in this parliament. Add a section 4 to Article III: "The president or any MP, as long as the proposal is seconded, may call for the impeachment of any Justice of the supreme court. This impeachment, once it passes an initial pre-vote in a normal session, will be then put to a 48-hour impeachment vote. For this entire 48 hour period of time, that Justice of the Supreme Court will be suspended from his duties as a Justice, until such time as his name is cleared by the parliament voting "No" on his impeachment." Whoever wants can change the wording to make it better fit the constitution.

Proposed by: may [Confederate Party]; Seconded by: Smiley [XOF]
Amendment to Article 2 Section 4

The president should have the authority to veto a supreme court decision up to one time in his presidency, and he may appeal to parliament for additional vetoes. Upon vetoing, the president's veto will be immediately sent to parliament for confirmation in a 48 hour vote.

Proposed by: may [Confederate Party]; Seconded by: Smiley [XOF]

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