Queue for Issues waiting for Supreme Court Deliberation:

Rulings and their transcripts can be found here.

Constitutionality: Edit

Legal Interpretation: Edit

Presidential Election Results of 2015/10/04Edit

The election was held over the following threads:


Results of the election were announced: >>53081290 Unfortunately these results are problematic as they do not take into account precedent already set previously, as well as in regards to the Samefaggot Act, and admitted vote rigging.

In regards to precedent:

Certain members changed their votes, votes in past elections were not allowed to be changed.

In regards to accusations of samefagging:

It is suspected that samefagging is achieved through this method:
By toggling your cellular data connection on and off, you obtain a new internet facing IP address, this allows 4chan to assign you a unique ID every time you post.
The following posts were identified by myself to be suspect of samefaggotry.
In my attempts to point out this blatant samefaggotry I posted this request >>53077606, by their actions they could prove to all of parliament that they were not in fact samefagging, since they'd have the same IP and thus the same ID. Not a single member of the serfs party complied with this request. As you all know all members of parliament are expected to act in good faith in accordance with our constitution and our laws. By them not responding to my good faith request for legal compliance I feel they themselves did not act in good faith in accordance with the Samefaggot Act.
Additionally there is precedent for tossing out serf votes altogether when these types of shenanigans occur.

In regards to accusations of admitted vote rigging:


Gentlemen, a miscarriage of justice has been done, I implore the court to act swiftly and justly on this matter.

This challenge is being brought by Flywheel [Cerberus] !!tOrA2faVsWj

Vote of No Confidence Issued: 2015/10/07 Edit

tbh a vote of no confidence has been issued on president may [Confderate Party] !!DUOz+Im5o32 tbh

"He's sucking people like Cat's and Fly's dicks
Trying to give them positions of importance
He's not gonna stray from what the parliament used to be
It's gonna be the same as when Cat had it
But now he's in the squad"

- Trapper

Links to the vote of no confidence motion are here


the second by shaka zulu

motion for the supreme court to vote on the legality of the vote of no confidence

look into its legality fam tbh


Smiley :) [Comfy] !!V0GkJNRDjdt

Real Nigga Hours Crew

Trials: Edit

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