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Current ProjectsEdit

  • ==RMCC Initiative - Operation: No Mo' Gibsmedat==

Article I.

The RMCC, once it has collected sufficient material to begin, will create an infographic and copypasta to launch a recruitment campaign within /pol/, /b/, and other sympathetic boards and/or websites. The goal herin is simple: inspire and direct the people of /pol/ (and beyond) to take up keyboards, arms, and whatever other resources available to them to combat the refugee/migrant crisis, offer an alternate point of view to the flagrant media-perpetuated propaganda, and turn the tide of public opinion against our elected officials and mass media.

Section I.

The social media campaign, and any real life efforts, should ttake great pains to avoid being o vertly racist. The goal here, as is stated above, is to turn as many people to our thinking as possible, which will not happen if we are dismissed as racists. We should use facts (we cannot help the world through Immigration;  many of these so-called "refugees" are economic migrants; demographics of the "refugee" flow, how many of them are fit men as opposed to starving women and children; that ISIS claims to have infiltrated the  refugee flow by the thousands, etc.) to our advantage and allow people to draw their own conclusions. While more "extremist" opinions and posts will, and should, have their place they shouldn't be at the core of the campaign.

Section II.

The campaign will begin by hijacking existing tags, the better to ensure as many people see it as possible, and t hen shifting the focus depending on the collected material (say RMCC or /pol/ has collected images of others who have died in the Syrian conflict or elsewhere in the world, specifically children and couple it with #whereismyhashtag) and the creativity of those participating.

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  • Mind [SC]  !!Gv7kD7/23qZ
  • Jensen [Cerberus] !!EqzyB7H3qUQ
  • Catharsis [Independent] !!1454IPHMCm8
  • Shadow Reichsminister of Forestry Alexander [Nat Soc] !!bZv95O7fSFV
  • Smedly Butler [NATO]#1011711506
  • Pleb [Common Sense Squad - CSS] !!AW/cL9Z/TkI
  • Maximus Virtutem [SPQR] !!Houu/Q//1+T

The ListEdit

The following list shows you what the news has proven they will not show you, what the world seems to be unwilling to even tolerate discussion of. Witness human garbage in action:

0. Media covering up important facts about the 'refugees'

1. African immigrants rampage city in Spain.

2. Tents are not good enough for African migrants

3. African refugees rioting in spain

4. [Insert Description Please]

5. Illegal in Calais both steal from a food hand out and also throw the food away

6. African migrants rioting in southern Italy

7. Immigrant complains having no tv or air conditioning

8. Immigrants throw away the food and the water what they get in Hungary

9. Migrants steal donations in Hungary

10. Syrian boy drowned because father wanted new teeth.

11. Immigrants rioting in Greece

12. [Insert Description Please]

13. Refugees chanting and shouting "Allah Akbar" in Immigrant trains going to Germany

14. Immigrants arriving in Hungary stop to throw rocks at train drivers.

15. Hungarian immigrants leave huge amounts of trash. One gestures a slit throat movement to camera.

16. Migrant forces his wife and child onto train tracks before hitting himself in the head with a rock repeatedly.

17. Greece overwhelmed by rampaging immigrants.

18. 7 year old girl was brutally raped by a Muslim migrant from North Africa.

19. Savages can't wait in line and start fighting.

20. Why we can't fix the world through Immigration

21. 'Refugees' makes a mess of a motorway leading to Budapest</p>

22. Another example of 'refugees' throwing away food and water

23. 'Refugees' chanting 'fuck you' and 'allahu akbar' in Budapest

24. Muslims attacking the German immigration center

25.  Sweden police report says all rapes in Sweden in 2011 were commited by non-whites

27. Truck drivers afraid of migrants

28. Africans destroy southern Italy

29. Catholics attacked by Muslims after leaving Church. MUH RELIGION OF PEACE

30. Muslim pedophile gangs serial rapists

31. Refugees arrived in Germany, destroying Erfurt.

Continue below, follow the pattern.

Kebab Removal ListEdit

1. Guy goes full Mad Max on refugees and saves a family's life.

Articles and Other Websites Edit

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