"A helping hand gives strength to those who it touches."

- Karl O'Platter, Founder of The Reliant Plauditory Party

The Reliant Plauditory Party (RP Party) is one of several parties situated on 4chan's /pol/ board. The RP is a largely independent party that tasks to keep /pol/ and its Parliament balanced with minimal interference. The party is thought to be leftist as it advocates for social equality and a classless society. The RP's main function is to provide a "circle" tasked with applauding and/or supporting other parties without discrimination. The one distinction that the RP has from any independent party is that it is complementary and provides a function to the hierarchy of Parliament. Whether or not it is really needed in Parliament at all is to be debated.

Party Policies Edit

  • Secure tripcodes required for association.
  • Each member of the party must aim to help the general public (as well as all other parties) in any way possible, as long as it adheres to Parliament's regulations as well as all acts and articles approved of.
  • All members must aim to balance /pol/ and its Parliament. All parties will gain support without discrimination of their character or any other aspect.
  • Members of the party shall not partake in any unparliamentary (or otherwise hurtful) activity. Doing so will mean that member's expulsion from the party (only as long if they are voted out).
  • Excommunicated members may only return in a set amount of time and if unanimous declaration of their right be given via majority vote.
  • This party is meant to be an exclusive and complementary body within Parliament and /pol/ as a whole; any entity denying the movement of this function is actively denying its freedoms.
  • This is a tolerant party. Any other entity publicly or privately denouncing it shall not be given a "taste of their own medicine". Any offense, large or small, is to be declared unparliamentary or not by any entity of higher authority.
  • There are no classes. The hierarchy is governmental, not strictly social.
  • Have fun, but be careful with your power.

Members Edit

  • Karl O'Platter, Founder & Current Leader (!!YeWVjV4U//q)

Platforms Edit

Balancing /pol/

  • Provide a service to make everyone in /pol/ happy.
  • Help out all parties in their endeavors.

Spread Ideas

  • Provide /pol/ with ideas that are worth spreading.
  • Make sure that our image in the eyes of those we help is passed on to others, who in turn will help others, setting off a chain reaction that is sure to make Parliament feel more balanced and well-off.

Cleaning Things Up

  • Make sure everyone gets their facts straight.
  • Whisper to other representatives in Parliament when they are alone or bored.
  • Make sure new representatives go to the right place.
  • Make politics fun again.

Colors Edit

  • #052570 [Subtle Dark Blue] (current)