Muslim Exclusion Act Edit

Hereby bans any Muslims or parties representing Islam from participation in the /pol/ Parliament

Repealed by Repeal: Muslim Exclusion Act

Originally Passed with 7 YEA / 1 ABSTAIN / 2 NAY on 09/18/15 (Fri) 19:33:27 GMT

Anti-Inactivity ActEdit

This Act will combat the buildup of inactive members by assigning a duty to each Party's leader to check the 4chan archives ( and to remove any member who hasn't posted within the last 2 weeks (unless a leave of absence has been authorized).

Originally Passed: 11 Aye / 2 Nay / 0 Abstain

Political Freedom BillEdit

No future law will be able to censor any sort of political ideologies because it limits our options and ultimately provides nothing.

Originally Passed: 17 Aye / 0 Abstain / 0 Nay

The Clarity BillEdit

Each OP of /pol/ Parliament threads must contain the link to The Constitution of The Parliament of /pol/.

Originally Passed: 6 Aye / 1 Nay / 1 Abstain

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