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Religion Formerly Judaism


Goldsteins Fascist Party

White Knights of Pol


Minister of Intelligence (NatSoc)

Minister of Propaganda (NatSoc)

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National Socialist

Rudi started out his /Pol/itical career by joining the National Socialist Party. He very quickly started producing mass amounts of Propaganda for the party and later took the title of Minister of Propaganda. He soon became friends with the likes of FatherTed, GermanicUltranationalist and Sir Zyklon. Very quickly after he joined, while the party was looking for a new leader, Rudi put himself forward as a candidate. He failed however, after recieving just 13% of the votes and losing out to GermanUltranationalist. Rudi was then appointed as Minister of Intelligence for the Nazi party. However, Parliament then dissolved for around a week. Rudi then went to try his luck over at the /tg/ parliament, where he got sick of it within a couple of days. He was an MP for the Smug Frogs. Once parliament was back up and running, he joined the National Socialists again and continued to create propaganda despite being removed as the Minister of Propaganda. Rudi then sat as a running mate beside GermanUltranationalist in the Presidential Elections, however both members would later leave the National Socialists.

Goldsteins Fascist Party

After being an Independent for a couple of hours, Rudi was approached by Israel Goldstein with an offer to join the newly formed Goldstein Fascist Party. Rudi was hesitant to join, however he did join and then converted to Judaism. Rudi had his Bar Mitzvah on the 26th June 2015.