“Science knows it doesn't know everything; otherwise, it'd stop. But just because science doesn't know everything doesn't mean you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairy tale most appeals to you.”- Dara O'Briain

Seamus O'Drunkard a member of Parliament of whom joined in late August 2015, participating in the party of Cerberus, but now runt the GTU and has been an active member ever since he joined. He is of Irish descent but was moved to the UK as a child and is very proud of his Irish blood.

Ideology & Personal Philosophy Edit

  • Gaelic blood is best blood.
  • The Advancement of Technology is one of our top Priorities.
  • Space Travel is required for the future.
  • Potatoes are enjoyable and tasty.
  • All Politicians must have a good knowledge of Science and Math(s).
  • All Idiots must be purged, Ignorance is a choice, not a circumstance.

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