Shitposter party (Better known as the Peoples Maoist Party) Edit

I dont gib two shits when i made it, i made it as soon as i joined some parliament session.

Oh yeah im andrei most cancerous tripfag to ever post on /po/

We are an authoritarian left commie party btw fam tbh smh tbh fam i am.

Join this party if you want to lose respect from any well respected parliament member but dont want to be judged on what you past, because joining this is pretty much a trip death.

Goys who joined Edit

Andrei Vetrov [Shitposter Party] !!IaUSi7t11o/ (the most cancerous mp ever) -Chairman-

Fluff [Shitposter Party] !!q7kuA9VZHtC (an autist who joined the worst party) -vice Chairman-

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