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The Social Democratic Party, or Social Democrats, was founded with the purpose of proving that /pol/ isn't an asylum for the politically insane and some reasonable discussion can actually take place outside of people wanting the 17-20th century to come back. 

We're a party of the 21st century. We wouldn't look out of place in politics and normal people wouldn't make jokes about how we're crazy. We're centre-left and realise that politics isn't about dealing with absolutes and "my way or the highway" but about making compromises that benefit society as a whole. 

I named myself after the Simpsons character because if we were a real party we would probably meet at coffee shops whilst all you edgelords can meet at places like castles and military bunkers. 


Founded on 27/06/15

As of 10/07/15 have become part of the New Democratic Party.

Party PlatformEdit

  • Social welfare for everyone in the country, make sure they have a safety net to fall back on.
  • Health care is free and nationalised.
  • Free education for all. Education shouldn't be limited to only people who can afford it.
  • Central bank is nationalised, other banks can be privately owned but the Central Bank has monetary authority.
  • Proportional tax system though not in a way that'll heavily discourage people from moving up and earning higher salaries.
  • Economy is capitalist though backed up by social welfare - give everyone a good starting point for moving up in life.
  • Pro-liberty and equal rights i.e. gay marriage, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press.
  • Pro-immigration.
  • Much less spending on things like the military and nuclear weapons.
  • Pro-multiculturalism! It's the 21st century and the internet allows us to connect with tons of different people, make use of it!
  • More money towards renewable energy sources.


  • Joe Quimby [Social Democrats] (!!EGFe33bAOpT) *party leader*
  • Serratus [Social Democrats] (!!emzjIyAjVUa)
  • BadNavy [Social Democrats] (!!WjP+DUNuZal)
  • Michael [Social Democrats] (!!1YSMzG0Fntp)
  •  :) [Social Democrats] (!!pF2VQ1kwTSA)
  • martin luther king jr (Social Democrats) (!!rEkSWzi2+mz)=

Members as of 03/07/2015 parliament Edit

  • Joe Quimby [Social Democrats] (!!EGFe33bAOpT) *party leader*

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