The Speakers of Parliament are essential officials that run legislative sessions of the Parliament of /int/.

Rules & ResponsibilitiesEdit

  • Start and maintain parliament threads that they are the speaker for
  • Calling for and recording votes on bills presented to the floor
  • Introduce bills from the docket during official sessions in any preferred order
  • Keeping discussion on track during official sessions they preside over
  • Determine the time of sessions on the speakers designated days, and make sure the time is up to date at least 24 hours ahead of said time


  • Can table bills, delaying further discussion and voting, until the next session at their discretion
  • In the case of a tie the speaker will cast a tiebreaking vote
  • Can determine which bills will be voted on during the session they run


  • Elections for speaker will take place every two weeks, the same applies to deputies
  • The first election will take place once Parliament is 1/3 full


  • Unlimited two-week terms


  • The Deputy takes over for the speaker when the speaker is absent or designates the deputy take over ahead of time

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