The Straight Peoples Alliance, created by Karl Jr., was brought forward as a Minor Party sometime when Gay Marriage was finally legalized across the nation by the Supreme Court. The Alliance is made up of Straights as a given, made in conjecture to the legalization of gay marriage.

 The Curent Flag of the S.P.A


(NSFW) Will be changed at one point.

"Maybe one day we can all happily sit our penises inside a female like the old days.."  - Karl Jr.

Because the Minor Party is so new, not much is known about it and it's members. It's speculated that there are a growing number of supporters as it takes it's place in parliament. Only time will tell from here on out on how exactly far this Party will go in Parliament.

Known Members thus far... 

  • Karl Jr. !!PGTX3zIkLFA 
  • Hudluman !qOPRacEtDw 
  • Lelen Sr. !bOudRGsDfe