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Personal Info
Position Defence counselor @Cerberus
Party Cerberus
Tripcode  !!jORkBuWfdyy
Status Still going stronk

Well this is my page.I was in the Parliament for 2 editions now and i'm always with Cerberus. Edit

I serve under The Illusive Man,who leads Cerberus and all this circus,to further the Human race,go full space mode,but in the meantime it's just to help clean /pol/ and all of 4chan from stupid things.


I was in the Constitutional convention,and i'm here during CET time to keep the threads alive and maintain the banter while ameriburgers are still sleeping. Edit

Currently Defence Counselor and Propaganda Cell Leader.

Some propaganda leaflets made by myself


For Humanity!  

To Create a better tomorrow!  

To Clean /pol/ of cucks! 

Join us and Forge the Right path for Humanity! 


What party do you like? Or you can just become cool and join Cerberus! You know Space Humanity and Stuff.


You could join boring nazi's, libertarians and their roads OR you could Join Cerberus and propel humanity into the  

Galaxy,OUR galaxy,OUR future 


Humanity.  Space.  Stuff.


You See this? It is a Giant Rotating Space Station,would you like to visit it? 

Or maybe create your own one near a White Sun or a black Hole ? 

Well joining Cerberus you can! 

Today Tomorrow Humanity! 

Parliament opinions; Edit

  • -Cat is a broke political lawmaking machine
  • -Natsoc sure are Edgy
  • Maybe this time it will work?
  • And this parliament has again fallen so many times its mind-boggling

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Political Opinions: For now you don't want to know,trust me

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