Best groupo

Party PlatformEdit

  • Remove all Muslims from European and American lands
  • Reclaim the Holy Land for Christendom
  • Advocate strongly for traditional Catholicism
  • Fight degenerate behaviour wherever it pops up in the west
  • Train the body and mind to be ready for the coming Crusade
  • The Grand Master shall be elected by the order and can be removed by a vote of the Order's Members

Alliances Edit

On 05/26/16 The Templar Order has allied themselves with the Trump Imperial Party forming the Templar-Trump Coalition. This alliance will prove very useful in crushing the Saracen menace.

On 05/26/16 The Templar Order has allied themselves with NatSoc forming the Pact of Steel.

Ranks Edit

  • Grand Master of the Knights Templar - overall leader of the Order
  • Master Templar - veteran members of the order tasked with leading the fight when no Grand Master is present, appointed by Grand Master
  • Knight of the Order - any of the holy warriors sworn to defend Christendom and the West

Knights of the Order Edit

Grand Master Godfrey !!g1aA4GzLUYd

Crusaderkun !!SuwteC25JH9

Malleus Maleficarum !nmPf4V1esE

Crusader Gibson !.BxecfigoM

Bruce Norman lnkYxlAbaw

MuksiSaksalainen !.NcPWosamA

Texasfag !n4q0Sm62oI

bigot !ZgH1O2XoqY

Remy-Alexander Les Paul !RjIFoLVWK2

Eddie Kessler  !!SUISs9WrlG9

Communications Edit

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