Policy of Foreign Affairs

Composed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Dimplomatic Courtesy Act Edit

As polically incorrect tripfags, our relation with other boards is tenuous at best. In order to maintain and improve our relationships, members of Parliament must maintain the highest of behavioural standards when interacting with foreign cultures (such as /tg/). Failure to do so may result in a warning, and repeating/serious offenders are to be dealt with by the Supreme Court of Justice.

The Andrei ActEdit

Henceforth, any action undertaken outside of /pol/ must be approved by the council. When posting outside of /pol/ for unrelated reasons, an MP must remove their trip or use a different identity. Failure to comply with the Andrei Act must be recognised by the offender's party, and dealt with appropriately. Should the offending MP's party fail to take action, the issue is to be dealt with by the Supreme Court of Justice.

Recruiting Abroad PolicyEdit

When in need of new members and unable to recruit from posting directly in various boards of 4chan; there will be an effort to recruit players using the Circle Bridge strategy.

The Circle Bridge strategy is as follows; members of parliament are to attend games of Game of /b/ros and Risk threads to promote the Parliament to regular Go/b/ and Risk players. Particular sales members, selected by the council based on their Risk talents and literacy, will be granted permission to infiltrate these threads and subtly promote the parliament to interested players.

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