The Patriarchy is a political party dedicated to upholding the rights of man and fighting for the future of a free, prosperous male-run society. Its motto is "Logica. Virtus. Honos." In english, "Logic. Strength. Honor."

It is the de-facto chosen party of the people of Israel and Yahweh himself.

Mission StatementEdit

Our goal is to foster the continuation and advancement of a western civilization governed by capable men, eradicate feminism from our society, and re-instill traditional virtues of masculinity in the future generation.

The Patriarchy believes that men and women are born equal, but have different pre-ordained roles in society. We believe that woman's primary duty is the creation of life, and man's primary duty is to contribute to the advancement of mankind.

The way forward lies in the world's past; logical, strong, and honorable male rule.


Party ColorEdit

The party's color shall be #0092ff.

Party Platform Edit

Economy Edit

  • Capitalism is the only economic system that allows for man's natural ambition to flourish.
  • All men should be taxed equally.
  • Government assistance encourages laziness and harms man's ability to perservere.
  • Blue-collar work is equally as dignified and important as white-collar industry

Social Issues Edit

  • Gays should be allowed to partake in a civil union with their partner, however, gay civil unions are not as important or legitimate as traditional marriage.
  • Marijuana should be legalized for its medicinal and recreational purposes. Men cannot thrive without leisure.
  • Women should not be allowed to run for office. They are naturally inept at leadership and governance.
  • Women should be allowed to vote, but only after service in the military (nurse corps) and intelligence screening.
  • All men should be able to vote.
  • All men have the right to defend themselves with firearms of all sizes and types.
  • Belief systems that encourage feminism and egalitarianism should be outlawed.
  • Belief systems that encourage cuckoldry should be outlawed.
  • Feminists should be actively driven out of 4chan, and the internet as a whole. This should be done with whatever intiatives are necessary.
  • Degenerates that demonstrate no moral code and possess no honor should be exiled.

Science and Technology Edit

  • Men are naturally more scientifically apt than women, and therefore scientific institutions shall not include women.
  • It is man's duty to advance society, and scientific education should be stressed.

Foreign Policy Edit

  • Peace through strength.
  • A medium-sized, well-trained and well-equipped military should be maintained and used as a diplomatic tool whenever necessary.
  • It is unwise to go to war for private sector business interests.
  • Mercenaries and proxy wars should be used whenever deemed appropriate.
  • All western nations should pursue amicable relations with each other.

Natural Rights Edit

  • All men have the following unalienable rights.
  1. Self-governance
  2. Intellectual freedom
  3. Free speech
  4. Self-defense
  5. The ability to own personal property

Members Edit


None. TAKE IT.