This is currently a work in progress, This is also a joke and holds no power within Parliament Edit

Constitution for some rad motherfuckers, by rad motherfuckers.

It gonna be cool as hell. 

Article I. 

Section. 1. 

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Parliament of the Politically Incorrect Board of 4chan, which shall consist of a House of Patricians.

Section. 2. 

>You gotta be a tripfag

>You gotta show up every two weeks to be a part of it if we ever get full

>Whenever we "conduct business" which is pretty much voting, you get one vote, you greedy bastards

>You seriously need a trip

>You also need to be Independent(based) or be in a party

>The Vice President is President of Parliament(man that's fucking dumb) and Head Speaker 

>Gets to decide what's going to be voted on twice in his term, so long as he is the VP(duh)

>Gets to tell the Speaker to fuck off and take over 

>Gets to tell a Speaker to fuck off for good if they're shit at their job

>Gets to be the tie vote if he's around

>We get to choose two Officers(is that fancy for Speaker? Gay.)

>We also get to choose our President(whatever the hell pro tempore means) 

>Oh shit I think we do that when the VP can't be bothered 

>Oh well we make decisions on whose in charge 

>If 2/3rd's of us think you're a bitch we can vote to kick you out 

>The House can call for the President to GTFO

>The Chief Justice has to be around to watch(is that a sex thing? gross)

>If 2/3rd's think he's a bitch he gets kicked out of the Presidency

>If we kick you out it's for good

>We might also punish your party for giving such a shite candidate 

Section. 3. 

>We need either 10 motherfuckers or 10% of the total motherfuckers to pass anything, whichever gives us more motherfuckers

>We need 50%+1 of MP's within three days of voting to vote, to pass anything needing 2/3rd's or 3/4's approval

>Yeah, Nay, or Abstain for it to count(but we totally accept Aye) 

Section. 4. 

To be continued when I can be bothered