The Traditionalist Party or The Revolutionary Traditionalists are a political party within the Parliament of /pol/ whom advocate for an Orthopraxic Fascist perspective. We wish to see Europeans and the nations they have created returned to their glory days and we wish to see them kept there.

Members Edit

Julius Ebola !zJypZNGBso

Carl Schmitt

Mr.Grim !!CKfNvstOCGW

Frithjof Schuon !TIWMbDhHFc

István !T/MkrN0oJo


Paddy McDrunkard !!seGTL0R3Pm0

Mauser !x/zarjg78o

Biggus Dickus  !x/zarjg78o

Hans Hansen !iZX9l9xKP6

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